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Реагенты для клинической лабораторной диагностики производства компании ДИАСЕНС (Беларусь)


Новые поступления сывороток диагностических производств СПбНИИВС, Россия !!!

23-01-2020СКОРО В ПРОДАЖЕ!!! Диагностикумы производства ООО "Био Диагностика"(Россия). Компания "Био Роше" является официальным представителем производителя в Украине!!!

 Диагностические сыворотки для серотипирования Salmonella, Shigella, E.coli, Yersinia в клинической и ветеринарной диагностике, производства компании "Sifin Diagnostics gmbh"

23-01-2020Наборы для ветеринарии ! 

The company "Bio-Roshe" is one of the most dynamically developing companies in Ukraine and has five years of successful experience in the field of complex laboratory equipment in various fields.

All this is made possible by our highly qualified staff with specialized education in biology, chemistry and medicine.

We specialize in the supply of modern medical, analytical, laboratory, diagnostic equipment, disinfectants, ELISA kits, chemistry kits, other kind of diagnostic kits, laboratory glassware and plastic, measuring instruments made of glass, chemicals and other consumables.

We are looking for a strong cooperation with manufacturers of products for medical institutions and laboratories. We have experience in the registration of such products in the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

Cooperating with us, you will win the market in Ukraine.

Your success is our success!

Please contact us :

tel./fax: +380 57 714 20 70

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